What’s The Meaning of Life as an Entrepreneur?

A typical morning starts early around 5:30 to 6am for me. I make myself some breakfast, catch up on some reading, and watch a couple of YouTube videos. Some of the videos are inspirational, and some others have to do with technology. I try to go to the gym regularly around 7:00am, but projects and deadlines have a habit of getting in the middle of that. However, I do understand the value of exercise. Not only does it make me feel fitter, but it also makes me become laser focused, and gives me a sense of happiness as I go about my day. Once I’m done with my errands and (hopefully) the gym, I start work around 9am.

Some days, like one particularly memorable and rainy Wednesday, make me feel like I need to write about them. Around 11:30pm that night, I lay in bed unable to stop thinking about my day, and what I wanted to accomplish in life. A few hours earlier, my girlfriend at the time had asked me to have dinner with her at her place of work. Both of us had wildly different schedules and spent a lot of time working, meaning we often could not do traditional dinners. So, I said sure. We ordered Chinese food from a Chinese restaurant close to her job and I drove to have dinner with her.

She welcomed me at the front door and we walked to the cafeteria of the nursing home where she worked as a registered nurse. We sat down and just talked. Since we spent so much time apart working, we had a lot of catching up to do. So when an old man asked if he could sit with us, I wasn’t exactly pleased. He’d asked really politely, though, and so we said yes, even though I was unsettle at having to spend time with this old man when I wanted to catch up with my girlfriend.

If I remember correctly, the old man’s name was Herman. And to my very great surprise, we ended up having a 30 minute long conversation that remains one of the most eye-opening ones I’ve ever had.

Herman told us proudly how he had worked at his job for 30+ years, how much he loved what he did, and how rich his employers were. Then the conversation steered towards his kids. He hadn’t seen them for a month. Somehow, it came up that his daughter was getting married the next day, and he didn’t want to be at the nursing home. It was a nice place, he said, but he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life there.

However, there was nowhere for him to go, since his own house had been sold 3 years ago. When he first came to the nursing home, he had actually majorly decided to stay, one of the reasons was because of the presence of a caring Labrador Retriever dog. Even the dog wasn’t around anymore, and Herman missed him.

That was the tone of the conversation. We went all over the place, talking about funny things and sad events, but throughout it all, he seemed incredibly positive. Despite that, I could sense that he felt pain and regret deep inside of him.

What does all of this have to do with the meaning of life as an entrepreneur?

Well, I’m not sure. All I know is I don’t want to live a life of regret. I felt regret in our conversation with Herman – the way he misses his kids and how he talks about his rich employers with admiration.

I don’t know where life is going to take me, but I want to make sure I have no regrets at Hermanʼs age. I want to make sure I spend my time with people I care about and who I enjoy being around. I want to make sure I love what I do regardless how hard it is, and make sure the people and clients that I spend time with are aligned with our values.

Because I do not plan to live a life of regret. That said, no one plans to live a life of regret. But I’m aware of this now. I plan to take note of the lesson I was taught with that 30-minute conversation with Herman and do something about it. I want to inspire my son to live the life that would bring him the happiness only imagination can create.

I love what I do at Tetrad Marketing and our clients, and it is exciting to think what the future holds for us. While work is on my mind 24/7, I have to do a better job striking a balance with life and the people I care about (my guess is most of us struggle with this). I need to make the right decisions to create that balance.

It is easy to get sucked into binging full seasons of Game of Thrones or Chef’s Table on Netflix. Trust me, I’m guilty of that too. But I want to monitor the happenings of my life so I know what would be the most fulfilling experience for me. I love the work, family and friends. But sometimes, you have to predict your own future. If I want to create a life of success that teaches my son a better work ethic, brings me financial stability and creates memorable relationships and experiences, will it be worth it?

To me, it is when I create that I’m fulfilled. And when I’m happy, I’m a better person to my family and friends. As hard as it is, entrepreneurship is my passion and I won’t change it for any job in the world.

For me, the meaning of life as an entrepreneur comes down to developing a better me so I can serve the people that are closest to me, whether it’s family, friends or clients. And if I’m happy, I’m likely to have a positive impact on the world around me. That’s why it’s so important I create a life in which I have no regrets. Money is necessary, but I have never heard anyone say I wished I worked more on their deathbed.

I want clients with similar views as us, who understand hard work is necessary but that creating time for those that matter is essential for a happy life. You probably wonder why we care. After all, it won’t it affect our lives. But working with people with similar values creates a positive energy that is hard to explain. We provide our clients a way to connect with their own life by helping them achieve their goals, and save tons of time and money. We want to remove all the worries about “I need to hire a social media manager, web designer, graphic designer and someone to manage all my creative branding for my business”. We have created a structure and team that allows a chance at a life of success.

What’s the meaning of life as an entrepreneur for you? What does your passion as a business owner create for you?

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Thanks for reading!

Michael Tripari

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