7 Tips to Hire the Best Employees for Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners have quite a trouble in hiring the best employees that would help in improving the quality of their business. Most of the restaurant jobs require cooks, bartenders, servers etc. all of which need specialized skills to deliver the maximum satisfaction to the customers.

If you’re looking for the best employees for your restaurant in Lancaster, PA, we have prepared 7 tips to hire the best employees for your restaurant:

Look Out Of the Labor Pool

Restaurants in Lancaster, PA, struggle with hiring the best employees for their businesses because they never look out of the customary, labor pool. Instead, they just focus on hiring employees who have had prior experiences. However, hiring people from different backgrounds, even those who don’t have a prior experience is important as they bring in fresh ideas.

Post Your Restaurant Job Offers

There is an abundance of online platforms such as Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, and Craigslist you can post offers for your restaurant jobs and allow as many people as possible to contact you. You will have a number of options to choose from and since it is digitalized, it’ll be much easier to pick a qualified employee.

Be Spontaneous

The best of the employees haven’t just applied to your restaurant, they’ve probably sent their resumes to a couple of different restaurants. So make sure to dedicate your full attention to the recruitment and streamlining task and respond to the applicants as soon as possible. This way you’ll have a greater chance of hiring the best employee.

Mobile Your Way

Remember, this is the day and age of the Generation Z- it’s all about the mobility! So make sure you mobile your way into contacting them by shooting them a text first and then an e-mail. This is a quicker and less ‘official’ way of contacting the applicants and once you’ve selected a candidate, sending a professional e-mail sounds much smarter.


Make sure that you improve your compensation structures to hire the best employees. Restaurant jobs are quite demanding, which is why, if you want to hire the best, you need to give them a treatment equivalent to their skills. Bonuses, over-time payment, repeat chef/server clients make a lot of sense in this matter.

Multiple Jobs

Multi-skills deserve to be boasted. If you want to hire the best employees for your restaurant then give them the opportunity to do multiple jobs within the restaurant. A cook could be an equally affable server as any other and a server could be the perfect bartender. Expand your job roles and watch how your restaurant grows within a short span of time.


Build contracts with your next-door restaurant. In this way, if there is even a small job or an overtime slot or a shift needed to be covered, you can send your employee to that restaurant and allow them to make some extra cash. If you list such an exclusive opportunity, you’ll be attracting a lot of highly skilled employees.

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