How To Properly Do Keyword Research For Your Business

SEO is literally on the tip of every digital marketer’s tongue because it’s the way to the top. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is when your website and its content ranks on the top charts of search engines such as Google.

This is possible through that one, essential element- keywords. However, it is important to understand what keyword research is in order to do it properly.

So let’s get started:

What is Keyword Research?

When you type something on a search engine such as Google or Bingo, the main words that you type are keywords. For example, if a customer is looking for the best restaurants in Lancaster then the keyword in your content as a restaurant operating in Lancaster could be, “best restaurant in Lancaster.”

The reason why keyword research is important for your business is because it gives you an idea of what kind of content you should develop that would be useful to your customers and generate maximum traffic at the same time.

Steps to Properly Do Keyword Research for Your Business

Step 1

Think like a customer. It is important for you to step back as an entrepreneur and think exactly like you would if you were buying a product or service from a business like yourself. Ask yourself, “How would I search?” The answer to your question is your step# 1.

Let’s take an example. You are a customer looking for a nice restaurant to take your date to in Lancaster. How would you search on the engines? You would probably write:

  • Best restaurants in Lancaster
  • Affordable restaurants in Lancaster
  • Romantic restaurants in Lancaster
  • Cozy restaurants in Lancaster
Step 2

Now think like an entrepreneur. You want maximum traffic on your website which means you need to make your content super customer-friendly. So what can you do for the customer?

You can come up with a few topics related to your business that would actually provide some valuable information to them. As a restaurant, you can produce content based on the keywords mentioned above:

  • How to choose the best restaurants in Lancaster
  • A guide on affordable restaurants in Lancaster
  • The perfect romantic restaurants in Lancaster
  • X Things That You Need in Cozy Restaurants in Lancaster

Content based on all these titles will offer enough room to incorporate your keywords in the content. This will help your content rank on the first pages of the search engines, generating maximum traffic to your website.

Step 3

Think outside the box. Try looking up the terms related to your keywords to expand. For example, if your keyword is, “X Foods You need to try at the Best Restaurant in Lancaster” then a related term could be, “Cooking tips From the Head Chef of the Best Restaurant in Lancaster.”

Notice how despite being tips, this content allows you to add a compelling call-to-action in the end. This is exactly why it is so important to properly do keyword research for your business.

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