10 Ways to Use Email Marketing For Restaurants

To this date, e-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways of attracting customers by restaurants. Especially when a customer has already tried the meal at your restaurant, e-mail marketing is the best way to encourage customer loyalty, and to have customers coming back. Wondering how? Take a look at the 10 ways to use e-mail marketing for your restaurant:

1) List building

This is the most crucial step of e-mail marketing. Since it is a more personalized way of marketing, it should start with your current customers, your website’s traffic, and your social media followers. This step helps you streamline your target audience.

2) Personalize

Try to personalize the e-mails by categorizing your customers based on age, gender or their marital status. So if your customer is a single male, you can market your restaurant as an ideal date-night diner while a mother would love to visit for the exclusive children’s menu.

3) Time

Be wary of time- you want to send them your e-mail when your customers will instantly act on it. So the best time to schedule e-mails for weekend events is on a Thursday at 7PM when they are planning for the weekend and off their shifts.

4) Consistency

E-mails can get a little annoying if they’re sent way too frequently but you just might wane away from your customers’ head if the e-mails are too few; you need to be consistent with e-mail marketing.

5) Incentives

Shamelessly yet creatively offer incentives such as discounts, buy one get one free, complimentary dessert and etc.

6) Promotions

Inform your customers/traffic about the renovations and revamps in your interior or menu through e-mail to market it effectively. Let them know about how you have made it more cost effective for them.

7) Special options

Let them know that you are more than willing to cater to their needs for example help them celebrate a birthday by offering decorations or prepare for a romantic proposal.

8) Share recipes

There is always something new to learn so make sure to teach your customers something new and helpful from your kitchen itself. Share instant recipes of fancy meals with them and add a clever, indirect call-to-action by suggesting them to try the same dish at your restaurant.

9) Add value

Always add value to your customers’ life. Do this by not only making this e-mail about your restaurant, but also by taking it as an opportunity to inform them. You can send them a content based on how to enjoy a balanced diet or devour foods that are good for diabetic patients- anything that will inform them and add value to their lives.

10) Feedback/ Referral

You want to encourage loyalty in your customer, and benefit not only from their repeated arrival but also from their positive word of mouth. So sure to add a feedback form that would help you improve your quality and services while adding a referral link for them to invite their own friends and family to the restaurant.

E-mail marketing for restaurants maybe an old school tactic but it works as effectively as ever. So make sure to be smart! If you need ideas or are looking for help on your email marketing strategy for your restaurant don’t hesitate to start a conversation with us.

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