Don’t Sabotage the Grilled Chicken Sandwich! Use Social Media to Promote Your Restaurant

The storage is crowded. The menu’s aplenty. The only problem is, you can’t seem to get enough customers walk through the door, (or at least not as many as you’d like!). With a powerful tool such as social media, there’s no need to take sloppy marketing take a bite out of your profits. You can perfect the art of good gastronomy and your social media marketing with these tips.

Chicken Sandwich

1. Engage Your Customers

This doesn’t mean interrupting your customer mid-chew on that juicy burger, just to tell them how much you appreciate them. That can be done on a computer, or by placing feedback cards on each table to gauge what the customers think of your restaurant’s service.

2. Create a Facebook Fan Page

If you are a restaurant, you absolutely need a Facebook business page. The average Facebook user has 388 friends, this means can market your restaurant for free and reach out to a large audience. Since videos and images grab the attention of a viewer, include them in your posts, rather than just using a big blob of text. Facebook ads allows you to take advantage of all sorts of specific, niche marketing that can be used to promote your restaurant.

3. Tweet a Lot

Twitter is the second most popular social outlet online. The platform is great for small messages or updates on promotions or additions to the menu. Tweets can be effective marketing tools since interesting once are usually re-tweeted, enabling you to reach out to a wider audience.

4. Be Thoughtful

When customers sign up for regular updates on what’s new on the menu, they usually include their DOB. Use that information whenever the customer’s birthday approaches and send them discount coupons or email them special offers of what’s new at your restaurant. This is a great form of marketing, and will help you connect with your customers on a personal level.

5. Use Foursquare

Social outlets such as Foursquare allows users to check in to businesses on their phone. Claim your restaurant business on Foursquare, so you’ll know in real-time on who’s checking in at your restaurant.

6. Yelp

Get a Yelp business page so that you can view reviews left by customers and respond to them. Online directories such as, Yelp also sends alerts to restaurant owners whenever a reviewer as left a comment on the site. This allows you to respond to them and answer questions. You are not going to like all of the reviews posted on your business. There’s always one disgruntled customer all businesses have to deal with, but it’s important not to come across as harsh while replying to their review.

7. Create a YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel for your business where you can showcase, chef highlights, share cooking tips or interview guests. Visual interaction is by far, the best way to reach out to your customers.

8. Instagram

Since humans like visuals and food, you can use Instagram to post photos of delicious food on your menu. You can take this a step further by inviting customers to post pictures of their favorite menu items from the last time they visited your restaurant.

9. Share on Pinterest

Another powerful social outlet for photos is Pinterest. Here, you will have the advantage of creating recipe boards, menu item boards and even a special events board or a plain photos board of all the items on your menu. Once that’s done, get your audience involved by letting them post photos of their favorite items on the menu.

10. Don’t Go Overboard

You can use social media marketing to promote your restaurant and watch the food disappear faster than carry-out Chinese. But, whatever you do, going too far with your marketing tactics is a big no-no. Remember, whenever a customer walks into your restaurant, they’d rather catch a whiff of fresh bread and the frijoles slapped on their burrito bowl, rather than the scent of manipulation. Using subtle maneuvers with your social media marketing will ensure more people walk into your restaurant instead of that place across the street.

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