Best Instagram Practices for Restaurants

Some restaurants may can never go out of business but if you want more and more people buzzing into your eatery, make sure you adopt the best Instagram practices for restaurants to increase traffic.

Build your brand’s character and voice

Instagram is actually a great platform to build your diner’s character. In today’s age of social media, if a restaurant is not Insta-worthy, is it worth a visit at all? You can be really creative on your restaurant’s Instagram account, increase the aesthetic appeal of your place and attract audiences by large. It all comes down to the kind of audience you want to attract. If you are aiming for Michelin star restaurant, maintain a classic Instagram account. On the contrary, if your diner is a hip place where youngsters can chill and have discussions over a cup of coffee or maybe a bottle of cold beer (occasionally), go creative and hippie with your Instagram campaign.


Another essential Instagram practice for your restaurant is to maintain spontaneity in your customer responses. Your responses must be informative, apt and sometimes can even be sarcastic. But above everything else, your customer responses should be quick.

This imbues a brand loyalty in customers and allows them to feel connected to your restaurant’s brand. One of the best examples of excellent social media practices is of Wendy’s. The famous burger diner doesn’t only provide on point answers, they also have some satirical responses to haters, which makes their customers love them all the more! Sure this is on twitter, but you can definitely employ the same strategy on your restaurant’s Instagram account.


Focus on the highlights of your restaurant such as the aesthetics of your restaurant by following a specific theme. A theme based approach whether by color or some famous artist is sure to catch the eye of the people. And you can only put Instagram to good use.

A stellar example for this is Nusr-Et Dubai Restaurant, a popular steakhouse in middle-east that broke the internet with a video of the owner/chef, now referred to as the ‘Salt Bae’ sprinkling salt on top of people’s steak in a unique style. The video was posted on the restaurant’s official page, highlighting its unique feature and spread like wildfire on Instagram. So much so that famous celebrities like Leonardo Decaprio actually visited his restaurant.

Other celebs like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner were seen wearing a customized shirt with Nusret’s signature salt-sprinkling imprint on it.


Last but not the least, the biggest and most valuable to your restaurant is what people are saying about it. Most of diners rely on word-of-mouth, especially if it’s coming from a popular food blogger who has a vast access to your target audience. A wise Instagram practice for your restaurant would be to invite a blogger to taste your food and even pay them (if they ask) to write a review.

One of the most popular foodie travelers in NYC is Rayna Greenberg by the name onehungryjew who dedicates all her time into traveling and eating food from restaurants all over the world. A blogger with a following as vast as hers has access to a large number of individuals who would be willing to try your restaurant just on her suggestion.

So go ahead and put Instagram and Instagram influencers to good use! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram 🙂

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